My Teachers

I love helping people and companies grow. I have learned from my own experience that with the help of a good teacher, I can achieve my dreams much faster. The right selection of a good teacher can make the difference between success and failure. This is why I have selected the best teachers, who have taught me everything I need for my journey on this earth. Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey and Steve Siebold are among a small group of the best teachers in their areas of expertise in the world today.

Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is known as one of the best prosperity teachers in history, the living master of the Law of Attraction. I have finished the Bob Proctor Coaching program, so I have experienced the big difference this coach made in my life. This experience triggered my passion for helping other people to experience the same difference in their lives. I am also a certified consultant of the Thinking into Results program, which Bob Proctor created together with Sandy Gallagher.

Mary Morrissey

Mary Morrissey teaches similar material as Bob Proctor, but she looked at this material from the religious side from the beginning. Experiencing Bob and Mary in action on the same live seminar is life changing. I am a certified “Dream Builder” coach from the Life Mastery Institute, founded by Mary Morrissey.

Steve Siebold

Steve Siebold is one of the best-paid professional speakers in the world, and he teaches a Bill Gove speech workshop created by legendary speaker Bill Gove. This workshop produced more top speakers in the world than any other speaking academy program. I am a Bill Gove Speech Workshop graduate as well.